Bolivia-(republic-of) Airport Information

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City Airport Airport Code
Bermejo Bermejo Airport SLBJ
Chimore Chimore Airport SLCH
Cobija Capitan Anibal Arab Airport SLCO
Cochabamba Jorge Wilsterman Airport SLCB
La paz El Alto Intl Airport SLLP
Oruro Juan Mendoza Airport SLOR
Potosi Capitan Nicolas Rojas Airport SLPO
Puerto suarez Salvador Ogaya Airport SLPS
City Airport Airport Code
Santa ana del y Santa Ana Del Yacuma Airport SLSA
Santa cruz El Trompillo Airport SLET
Santa cruz Viru Viru Intl Airport SLVR
Sucre Juana Azurduy De Padilla Airport SLSU
Tarija Capitan Oriel Lea Plaza Airport SLTJ
Trinidad Jorge Henrich Airport SLTR
Villamontes Tcnl Rafael Pabon Airport SLVM
Yacuiba Yacuiba Airport SLYA