Egypt, Airport Information

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City Airport Airport Code
6th of october October Airport HEOC
Abu rudeis Abu Rudeis Airport HE29
Abu simbel Abu Simbel Airport HEBL
Abu suwayr Abu Suwayr Airport HE35
Al alamain Al Alamain Int'l Airport HEAL
Al ismailiyah Al Ismailiyah Airport HE44
Al mansurah Al Mansurah Airport HE32
Alexandria Alexandria Intl Airport HEAX
Alexandria Borg El Arab Intl Airport HEBA
Almaza Almaza Air Force Base Airport HEAZ
As salihiyah As Salihiyah Airport HE39
As sallum As Sallum Airport HE19
Aswan Aswan Intl Airport HESN
Asyut Asyut Intl Airport HEAT
Badr el din Badr El Din Airport HE11
Baluza Baluza Airport HE22
Beni suef Beni Suef Airport HEBF
Bilbays Bilbays Airport HE37
Bir abu rahal Bir Abu Rahal Airport HE17
Bir jifjafah Bir Jifjafah Airport HE36
Cairo Cairo Intl Airport HECA
Cairo Cairo West Airport HECW
Dakhla oasis Dakhla Airport HEDK
Daraw Daraw Airport HE23
Deir el gill Deir El Gill Airport HE33
El arish El Arish Intl Airport HEAR
El gora El Gora Airport HEGR
El kharga El Kharga Airport HEKG
City Airport Airport Code
El minya El Minya Airport HE25
El tor El Tor Airport HETR
Gebel el basur Gebel El Basur Airport HE28
Habata Habata Airport HE18
Hurghada El Gona Airport HEGO
Hurghada Hurghada Intl Airport HEGN
Inshas Inshas Airport HE12
Kibrit Kibrit Airport HE34
Kom awshim Kom Awshim Airport HE30
Luxor Luxor Intl Airport HELX
Malan frein Malan Frein Airport HE31
Marsa alam Marsa Alam Intl Airport HEMA
Mersa matruh Mersa Matruh Airport HEMM
Misheifa Misheifa Airport HE41
Port said Port Said Airport HEPS
Quwaysina Quwaysina Airport HE42
Ras banas Ras Banas Airport HE14
Ras jimsah Ras Jimsah New Airport HE20
Ras shukhayr Ras Shukhayr New Airport HE21
Shark el oweinat Shark El Oweinat Intl Airport HEOW
Sharm el sheikh ophira Sharm El Sheikh Intl Airport HESH
Sidi barrani Sidi Barrani Airport HE40
Siwa oasis north Siwa Oasis North Airport HE24
St catherine St Catherine Intl Airport HESC
Taba Taba Intl Airport HETB
Uthman Uthman Airport HE27
Wadi abu rish Wadi Abu Rish Airport HE38
Wadi al jandali Wadi Al Jandali Airport HE13