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Jet Charter Media knows you need more than just the airport name. We have everything from the Airport Code, to Airport Hotels that are nearby, and even Maps of Saudi arabia Airports. Choose the airport you want more info on; it's our service to you.
City Airport Airport Code
Abha Abha Airport OEAB
Abqaiq Abqaiq Airport OEBQ
Abu Ali Abu Ali Airport OEAA
Al Ahsa Al Ahsa Airport OEAH
Al Artawiyah Al Artawiyah South Airport OE52
Al Baha Al Baha Airport OEBA
Al-jawf Al Jouf Airport OESK
Al Kharj Al Kharj East Airport OE51
Al Lidem Al Lidem Airport OE46
Arar Arar Airport OERR
Arfa Arfa Airport OE43
Bisha Bisha Airport OEBH
Gassim Gassim Airport OEGS
Ghafah Ghafah Airport OE55
Guriat Guriat Airport OEGT
Hafar Al Atk Hafar Al Atk Airport OE54
Hail Hail Airport OEHL
Hawtah Hawtah Airport OEHW
Ipsa Ipsa 3 Airport OEPK
Jubail Jubail Airport OEJB
Jazan (gizan) Kg Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Airport OEGN
Khalfan Khalfan Airport OE56
Khurais Khurais Airport OEKR
Al Uwaynid King Abdul Aziz Mil Academy Airport OE53
Dhahran King Abdulaziz Ab Airport OEDR
Jeddah King Abdulaziz Intl Airport OEJN
Al Jubayl King Abdulaziz Naval Base Airport OE50
Dammam King Fahd Intl Airport OEDF
Faisal King Faisal Naval Base Airport OEJF
Khamis Mushait King Khalid Ab Airport OEKM
Riyadh King Khalid Intl Airport OERK
King Khalid Military City King Khalid Military City Airport OEKK
City Airport Airport Code
Mecca Mecca East Airport OE49
Nejran Nejran Airport OENG
Medina (madinah) Prince M.b. Abdul Aziz Airport OEMA
Al Dawadmi Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Airport OEDM
Al Kharj Prince Sultan Airbase Airport OEPS
Hawtah Pump Station 3 Airport OEPC
Najram Pump Station 6 Airport OEPF
Yuksel Pump Station 9 Airport OEPI
Mahd Adh Dhahab Pump Station 10 Airport OEPJ
Qaisumah Qaisumah Airport OEPA
Al Qunfudhah Quz South Airport OE48
Rabigh Rabigh Airport OERB
Rafha Rafha Airport OERF
Ras Khafji Ras Khafji Airport OE45
Ras Mishab Ras Mishab Airport OERM
Ras Tanajib Ras Tanajib Airport OETN
Ras Tanura Ras Tanura Airport OERT
Riyadh Riyadh Air Base Airport OERY
Sharurah Sharurah Airport OESH
Shayba Shayba Airport OESB
Sulayel Sulayel Airport OESL
Tabuk Tabuk Airport OETB
Taif Taif Airport OETF
Thumamah Thumamah Airport OETH
Turaif Turaif Airport OETR
Udhailiyah Udhailiyah Airport OEUD
Wadi Al-dawasir Wadi Al Dawasir Airport OEWD
Wejh Wejh Airport OEWJ
Yanbu Yenbo Airport OEYN