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Most aircraft offered in the charter, fractional and corporate travel world are glitz-filled turbine powered multi-million dollar executive barges that can cost thousands of dollars an hour to operate.

Many markets in the general aviation world still need a cost-effective twin-engine worker bee of an aircraft. The production of twin engine reciprocating aviation-gas swilling aircraft that can carry a decent load at a decent price has pretty much dried-up.

There are many excellent and beautiful older aircraft still out flying that were built a while ago, but still do a wonderful and safe job. The Navajo is one of them, and when it is used for the missions it was designed for, there is no better choice for the charter and executive travel customer.

The Piper Navajo was the first of a series of large executive airplanes to be produced by Piper, beginning in 1964. The Navajo is a common sight in the skies and has a long successful history as a general aviation workhorse. It is known for its outstanding performance, easy-to-fly characteristics, and trustworthy systems.

The Navajo was the first in its class to offer factory air-conditioning and its sixteen-foot long cabin was the longest available at the time. Another innovation that set this aircraft apart from the rest was Piper’s exclusive engine nacelle that was designed to house an extended shaft that put the prop blades well ahead of the cowling. This made it possible for the propellers to engage the undisturbed air forward of any aerodynamic …


A Boston based website, Flytenow, which connected pilots with people willing to share their charter flights, was shut down in December. Federal courts ruled against flight sharing services similar to Uber and Lyft saying these types of charter flights violate FAA regulations. People sharing these flights did not pay for tickets, rather, they only shared fuel and fee costs with the pilot.

The FAA argued that this type of service was similar to a commercial common carrier because its flights were open to the public. The problem is private and commercial pilots and aircraft have to go through different types of regulations.

They also shut down a few other flight-sharing websites.

Flytenow argued that these types of plane sharing flights have been going on for decades.

All aircraft operators that are legal for public charter must have an Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) and that certificate must be approved through the relevant aviation authority. Here in the US, that authority is the FAA and the information regarding this AOC is under part 135 of the FAA regulations. Hence, we refer to them as Part 135 operators.

The FAA has the authority to oversee the operations of these Part 135 operators. They hold the operator to a very high level of standards, and hold the certificate holder accountable for their actions or omissions. Pilots of these operators undergo extensive training at least every six months. These pilots are also subject to regular flight reviews from senior pilots, must be type-rated in their …


The Cessna Citation has been around since the Woodstock Era and has been a mainstay of corporate and charter flying ever since it first flew. Because of this long history the Citation has gone through many changes, both in name and aircraft characteristics. This article has been put together from various sources to give you an overview of the various models of the Cessna Citation line. This compilation is, more or less, in the order that various versions of the Citation first appeared in the world of aviation.

Keep this list handy so that next time somebody tells you they just went for a flight on a Cessna Citation, you can ask, “which one?”

The Citation I (Model 500) – This small size business jet which was the model for all of the other Citation jets. This  model was originally designed in 1969 and didn’t receive FAA certification until 1971, with fan engines instead of turbojet engines. This model was originally nicknamed the “slowtation” and “nearjet” because it traveled 120 knots slower than the Lear 25. Citation I/SP (Model 501) single-pilot operations- This aircraft was first delivered in 1977 and production ended in 1985. The difference between this aircraft and the Model 500 was that the SP was referring to single pilot capability instead of the original which needed two pilots.  The catcher for the NY Yankees, Thurman Munson was killed on his Citation I/SP while practicing touch and go landings. Citation II (Model 550) a larger stretched development of…
hammock, the worldwide air charter marketplace of private jet travel has looked at all its private jet trip requests from January 2014-December 2015.

If you see a private jet in the sky, it’s a good chance it’s heading to Las Vegas. Las Vegas has stayed at the top spot for two years in a row with most private jet trip requests to date.  The top booking period of 2015 were the spring and summer months of May, June and July which just happened to be around the same time as the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.

The fastest growing destination city in 2015 was Aspen, Colorado, coming in second on the list of top destinations . We are seeing more leisure vacation trips in 2015 than ever before with Aspen as well as Nassau, Bahamas which didn’t make our 2014 list.

There’s an obvious strong link between major business hubs and top commuter destinations in 2015 continuing from 2014 like Teterboro, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Austin, Burbank, Boston, San Francisco and Atlanta.  Kathryn Creedy, aviation contributor for Forbes Magazine wrote, “The backbone of the commercial aviation industry used to be the out-and-back-in-one-day business trip, which has become virtually impossible with airlines. Hubs may be great for commercial airlines but they wreak havoc on traveler efficiency, making the trip longer and more complex, especially as cancellations and delays become the norm.”

Where are customers traveling for the holidays? Nassau, Tortola Islands, Dubai, Napa, and Miami. tops our list.  Customers want to get …

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is lit at the 83rd Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015 in New York. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Tishman Speyer/AP Images)

According to NYC & Company, there will be approximately 5.2 Million Visitors in NYC expected during the holiday season, spending an estimated $3.7 billion between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. There is no better place to be during this season, and New York has something to offer everyone that visits. Check out the following classic New York holiday events and start planning your jet charter trip to New York today.

Rockefeller Center:

Come see the 78-foot Rockefeller Center Christmas tree during your trip. Rockefeller Center is a must see on anyone’s list when visiting New York for the Holidays. Enjoy shopping and dining at the numerous nearby stores and restaurants.

You can also take to the ice at The Rink at Rockefeller Center. Admission is first come first serve, but you can make reservations online here. Sessions run for an hour and a half from 8:30 to midnight every day of the week, and they even offer lessons.

If sightseeing is more your thing, Rockefeller Center boasts one of the best views in New York at their Top of the Rock observation deck. You can avoid the lines by purchasing your tickets here for a specific time.

Lighting & Window Displays:

Macy’s: The magic of Macy’s certainly exists at their flagship New York store during the holidays. This Macy’s constructs a 13,000 square foot Santaland on its eighth floor for the holidays that is perfect for any child waiting to catch a glimpse of Santa. Their North pole village has …

Today, November 18, 2015, Mickey Mouse is 87 years old. We are always looking for great examples of aviation strengthening businesses, and there is arguably no better example than the Grumman Gulfstream 1 that the one and only Walt Disney purchased in 1964.

The G1, later known as “The Mouse,” quickly became the most utilized executive aircraft in the world, thanks to almost continuous use shuttling an estimated 83,000 passengers during its service.

Other than Walt himself, the Gulfstream carried former presidents Ronald Regan, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. An assortment of other famous faces also used the plane, along with Disney animators heading out on goodwill tours.

For many years, The Mouse carried tail number N234MM. The proper form for air traffic controllers, “two three four metro metro,” quickly turned to “two three four Mickey Mouse” or just “Mickey Mouse.”

While this might have been a well- known Gulfstream, it’s actually the plane’s first years in Disney service that are most interesting. The tail had no mouse on it…instead, one orange stripe, and a generic tail number with no MM included. It looked like any other plane because Walt used it to secretly identify and survey land in Florida, for what would become his second theme park. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Disney World in Orlando?

Confidentiality was important then just like it is today for a lot of companies.

Previously the G1 took Walt and company from California to New York for Disney’s contribution to the 1964 World’s …


Al Roker has announced that he will attempt to beat the current Guinness World Record by broadcasting live weather in all 50 states in just one week. NetJets, a private aviation company that has over 700 large aircraft, is sponsoring the event to make his journey possible. provides a wider range of solutions, at more cost effective prices.

Al had previously broadcasted 34 hours of straight weather coverage last year and is going above and beyond for this year’s goal. He began his journey on Friday and will complete his journey this coming Friday.

Al began his trip in Hawaii and will end on November 13th in New York City. Doing this in just one week, he will have certain days where he is covering 7 or more states.

Business Aircraft are Time Saving Tools

With Al covering so many states in one day, he will need aircraft that saves time. Business Aviation is a widespread industrious enhancing device used by small and large companies.  In fact, according to the results of a study published by the NBAA, more than 60% of business respondents named efficient schedules and the ability to reach remote locations as a benefit of private aviation.

Business Aircraft gives Al the location to location precision that he needs when traveling to state to state. Because this precision is so timely, without a need to wait in lines and suffer through airport delays, Al will be able to reach numerous states or more in just one …

BOSTON - OCTOBER 8:  British Airways Concorde Flight 1215 arrives at Logan International Airport from London October 8, 2003 in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is one of only three North American cities, including Washington, DC and Toronto, to receive a special farewell visit from the Concorde before the supersonic fleet is taken out of service.  (Photo by Douglas McFadd/Getty Images)

The world’s fastest aircraft, the Concorde, originally owned and operated by Air France & British Airways, probably won’t return to commercial flight anytime soon. The Telegraph newspaper states that, “Club Concorde” has received $186 million for their aeronautical restoration strategy and is optimistic and motivated to complete their project by revamping this aircraft for private charter and display purposes by 2019.

Club Concorde includes former pilots, captains, charterers and Concorde enthusiasts.

A flight that would take close to 7 hours is cut in half by flying the Concorde super jet. This aircraft flies at twice the speed of sound, that’s 1,370 mph (and flights we take generally travel around 600 mph). This aircraft can quickly bring passengers from New York, NY to London, England in less than 3.5 hours.

First flying in 1969, the aircraft flew passengers for 27 years up until 2003.

Future Plans

Their plans are to buy an existing model to put on display in London and Paris as well as purchase another to restore for flight.

Club Concorde hopes to get one of the planes in the air via chartered flights by 2019 which is coincidentally the 50th anniversary of the Concorde’s inaugural flight.

The group hopes to put the aircraft on display by 2017 in London next to the London Eye where tourists can dine on site while touring the aircraft. If all goes well, there are plans for a second project on the Seine River in Paris.

Why Did Air France & British Airways …


You might think by looking at how the media portrays aviation that mid-air collisions are a daily event. When aircraft run into each other it makes for exciting news reporting.

The problem, for the media, is that mid-air collisions happen so infrequently that they are almost non-existent. According to the Nall Report, a yearly summation of aviation accident data, out of the millions of flights conducted in this country only nine mid-air collisions happened last year. Of those nine, four had fatalities. Only one of these mid-air collisions involved a business transport aircraft.


Of course, a single midair is one too many, especially if you happen to be on one of the aircraft involved. Pilots, operators and the FAA spend a lot of time, treasure and attention to the problem of aircraft running into each other.


The FAA is charged with rule making having to do with air traffic avoidance and they are also in charge of the air traffic control system, whose sole reason for existence is the safe separation of aircraft in flight and on the ground.  As a matter of fact, when a controller loses his or her required distances between aircraft in flight it is called a “loss of separation.”

The breathless media, eager to sell advertising space, often reports a loss of separation as an “almost tragic near-miss!” What the loss of separation report really means is that two aircraft on a controller’s scope are closer together than the minimum for the …

Cirrus SR22 Review

Most depictions of aviation charters in the movies and on television feature a crazy-eyed pilot who is not ashamed to scare the life out of his or her passengers. The plane shown on the screen is usually ratty in appearance, noisy, and frightening to behold.

If charter and air taxi aircraft aren’t being shown as clown cars, they are being shown as a luxury barge that most likely carries the bad guys to their lairs or good guys in hot pursuit of the bad guys. Air taxi and business jets are almost never show for what they are – reliable time machines that make money for their owners and customers.

I don’t need to sell you on the idea that chartering an airplane is a money making proposition and not a luxury. The time required to take an airline to and from your destination combined with the additional travel time and expense; not to mention the amount of your productive time spent in security checkpoint lines and enduring long airline delays translate into time saved and money earned.

If you are not flying in your own corporate aircraft and you are not flying in a scheduled airliner, you are most likely chartering your ride from a FAA Part 135 Air Taxi operator.

“Parts is parts…”

People in aviation tend to bandy about the term: “FAR Part whatever” as if they expect you to know what an FAR is and what a part of an FAR might be.

The acronym FAR …