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arnold palmer

Golf lost a legend this week with the passing of inimitable sportsman Arnold Palmer on Sunday at the age of 87.

While Palmer’s talent on the links was undisputed with seven major championships and 62 PGA Tour wins —including the U.S. Open, the British Open, and the Masters four times — perhaps his most lasting legacy to the golf industry is the way he made it accessible for the everyman. “Arnold transcended the game of golf,” said Jack Nicklaus. “He was more than a golfer or even great golfer. He was an icon. He was a legend.”

A native of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Palmer learned to play golf at the tender age of 4 and never really stopped. During the course of his career, Palmer became the first person to make $1 million playing golf. Thanks to his go-for-broke style and inherent charisma, he developed an impassioned following who called themselves “Arnie’s Army.”

He was, in a word, transformative. He was “the King.”

Palmer’s contributions extended far beyond the course, too. He was widely considered a pioneer in sports marketing, building a massively successful brand out of his name including (but not limited to) a wine collection, golf course design and popular apparel emblazoned with his trademark umbrella logo.

But he left his mark on the business aviation industry as well. In 2009, he began lending his voice to the “No Plane, No Gain” campaign — an advocacy program jointly sponsored by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the General …


Whether you’re headed to Dallas for one night or Beijing for a week, what you bring with you can make or break a business trip. And since packing is a chore no one necessarily wants to spend their spare time doing, it’s easy to wait until the last minute to toss things into your suitcase.

But if you want to make your pre-travel routine more efficient while at the same time ensuring you have everything you need ready to go for business once you get to your destination, you’re going to want to check out some of these stellar packing hacks.

Adopt the Layer Cake Method

We’ve all heard of the roll-up squeeze method of packing by now, right? It’s when you coil your clothes for maximum space. However, it’s definitely not the way to go if you’re traveling for work, says Travel + Leisure’s fashion director, Mimi Lombardo. “Going on a business trip? This routine is a game-changer. Fold your clothes as you would at home, then place them between sheets of dry-cleaner plastic (or tissue), which helps keep wrinkles away. Also, consider leaving them on their hangers so you can just pop them into the hotel closet upon arrival,” Lombardo shared in T+L.

Think Outside the Box

Or, rather, inside the shoe. Yes, we are suggesting that you stick stuff in your shoes. Don’t knock it until you try it! Shoes are one of the bulkiest items you’ll have to pack in your bag but – silver lining …

Private Jet Honeymoon

Newlyweds planning their honeymoon may initially be daunted by the seemingly endless array of romantic vacation ideas. While choosing a beach, a ski resort, a luxurious island, or a foreign country may take some serious thought, one detail both parties can agree on is luxury transportation.

Reaching your destination is as simple as hiring a charter jet. No matter where you’re honeymooning, it’s highly likely there will be an airport nearby. The entire charter jet experience revolves around you—your schedule, your convenience, and even your meal preferences. That’s the beauty of planning a charter jet honeymoon. From start to finish, the focus is on making your travels as comfortable and personalized as possible.

There are many benefits to booking a charter jet for your honeymoon. Imagine the undeniable luxury of traveling only with your new spouse, no other passengers around you, and a courteous crew catering to your needs throughout the flight. It’s the ultimate in private travel, and it sets a romantic tone for an intimate honeymoon. It couldn’t be easier to plan, either; just select your departing city, destination, and travel dates. You’ll be presented with a vast selection of charter jets that meet your needs.

You won’t have to worry about the little details that accompany traditional commercial flights, either. Forget layovers and mad dashes to your connecting flight. On a charter jet, you and your spouse will enjoy direct access to your destination. And why waste precious moments together in a crowded airport security line? A …

cirrus sr22 caps

The Cirrus line of single-engine aircraft has become a mainstay of charter and corporate flight departments. These aircraft look sleek and modern on the ramp and they deliver passengers and cargo to their destinations at the same speed as heavier twin-engine airplanes at half the operating costs.

Single engine aircraft have come a very long way since the old days of slow flying planes with frequent engine failures. More reliable power plants combined with computerized engine control and monitoring have led to some very successful players in the corporate and charter markets.

Cirrus aircraft are in plentiful supply now for operators and passengers have come to accept the idea that flying in a modern computerized single engine aircraft is as safe or safer than ponying up the cash to rent a heavier twin. The Cirrus, with its modern digital flight deck, can fly detect and fly around weather as well as the more expensive corporate barges. Many Cirrus models are now equipped for flight into known icing conditions.

The main reason given for choosing a twin engine aircraft over a single like the Cirrus is the fact that if an engine fails on the twin you have another engine to get you home. A twin-engine aircraft, in the case of an engine failure, could get you to an airport or at least a controlled landing somewhere – with the older single engine aircraft, an engine failure meant you were in real trouble.

Cirrus aircraft all come equipped with a CAPS …

hillary one

Mama’s got a brand new . . . jet. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton officially launched her private campaign jet on Labor Day, and it even has room for reporters to tag along.

Now dubbed “Hill Force Once,” Clinton’s new (to her) campaign plane is a 14-year-old Boeing 737-800 that — according to CNN’s Dan Merica — used to fly for Air Berlin, Oren Air and Corendon Dutch Airlines.

An aide told members of the media that took the jet’s maiden voyage with Clinton that it was made by Boeing here in the U.S. in Renton, Washington, but that modifications were made in both Roswell, New Mexico, and Amarillo, Texas.

According to, Clinton is leasing the jet from Florida-based AerSale Inc. Its snazzy new presidential paint job includes baby blue trim and features Clinton’s signature campaign slogan, “Stronger Together,” on the side.

In addition to thoughtful details like cocktail napkins with Clinton’s campaign logo (which is also emblazoned on the jet’s tail), the impressive aircraft contains four cabins: one for Clinton, one for staff, one for the Secret Service and one for the press — the latter of which came to fruition after reporters repeatedly nagged the prospective POTUS about holding press conferences during her campaign.

Her response, via an aide, was playful and direct: “I hope this will shut you the hell up.” Hey, you’ve gotta give her points for style, not to mention making arrangements for members of the media to make the first flight over Labor …

Gulfstream G150 Review
Gulfstream G150 Review

Riding in a Gulfstream jet has always been considered a very high-class way of business and charter travel. While the name Learjet is almost always used interchangeably with the term “business jet,” it is the Gulfstream line of aircraft that the international jet setting and corporate crowd crave.

With its 3,000 nautical mile range and wide array of comforts, the Gulfstream G150 rides atop the heap in terms of style, grace and utility.

Gulfstream’s G150, is a direct design descendant to Israel Aircraft Industries’ Astra, although it has so many new features that the aircraft is truly a new design. The G150 has an upgraded and modern cockpit with a bigger cabin behind the flight deck. All of its improved systems and a more sleek and modern appearance set it well apart from its predecessors.

The G150 was the Gulfstream’s first entry into the mid-size bizjet market segment. The fuselage was lengthened, giving the aircraft a cabin with class-leading available space. No comfort feature is left out of its passenger area and the flight deck gets the same treatment with a four-display Pro Line 21 avionics suite. The G150 offers the utility and convenience of trans-continental range and it can do so at a quick pace – eight-tenths the speed of sound in cruise.

The G150 goes farther distances at a higher speed than almost any other midsize business jet. It does this while sipping on fuel and at a high enough altitude to avoid most of …

Private Charter to College Football Games

Following what proved to be a particularly exciting last season — culminating in Alabama beating Clemson 45-40 for its fourth title in seven years — fans have been impatiently awaiting the return of college football.

This year kicks off with some huge opening-weekend games that hint at yet another exciting, action-packed season. The fun starts Saturday, September 3rd with Alabama squaring off against Southern California, LSU vs. Wisconsin, Clemson vs. Auburn, Oklahoma vs. Houston, North Carolina vs. Georgia, UCLA vs. Texas, Boston College vs. Georgia Tech, and more.

Suffice it to say it’s going to be a monster of a Saturday, not to mention season. So if you have plans to go see your favorite team play, why waste even one minute on typical commercial air hassles such as delays or missed connections?

Imagine flying from, say, Knoxville to Columbia to watch Vols destroy USC’s Gamecocks with a handful of your closest friends/fellow Vols fan, and making it back home in time to sleep in your own bed.

Chartering a jet makes that a reality. Here are a few other compelling reasons you should consider chartering a jet for your next college football excursion.

It’ll save you time

When you fly commercial, departing is essentially a whole day affair. You have to get there hours in advance in order to allow time to make it through long boarding lines and security scans and, when all is said and done, you typically wind up sitting around waiting for your flight to …

best apps for business travel

Business travelers are a unique breed. Strangers in strange worlds, you must constantly adapt to new cultures and environments. After all, you’ve got a job to do.

Thankfully, though, innovations in technology recognize the growing need for apps that make business travel easier and more efficient – meaning you may actually have time to squeeze a little more pleasure into your next business trip.

So if you’re a jetsetter, you’re going to want to check out these 20 apps that’ll expedite your excursions and make work feel more like play.

Time Out

Looking for the best place to grab a quick bite? Discover and explore over 30 destinations with this guide-centric app that does everything from help you find places to visit to give local cinema times. While Time Out doesn’t cover a ton of locales, it does hit the big hubs like New York, Paris, London, and Sydney, along with 26 other cities.


You know what’s annoying? When you need recall pertinent details about your upcoming travels, and you have to sift through your phone, laptop, and a slew of other devices and folders to find all the information you need. Not anymore, though! TripIt stores your entire travel itinerary – flight schedules, meeting agendas, conference information – in one safe, secure location that you can access anytime, from any device. You can even forward all of your confirmation emails straight to your TripIt account, which will sort and store them accordingly.


There’s a reason Evernote pops …

jet charter to rio
Where to Play and Stay in Brazil’s “Magnificent City”


It’s no wonder Rio de Janeiro is one of the most fabled destinations in the world: With its seemingly endless stretches of white-sand beaches, mountainous vistas, enviable culinary scene, and lively nightlife, Rio is a locale unlike any other. Did we mention the people, too? The exuberant Cariocas, as they are called, welcome visitors with arms outstretched almost as widely as the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the city. As hosts of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio is poised to jump to the top of every traveler’s bucket list. So whether your idea of heaven is eating as much meat as you can in a “Churrascaria,” strolling around the boho Lapa neighborhood, or visiting the largest urban rain forest in the world, Rio has you covered — and we’ve got the details you need to plan your once-in-a-lifetime escape to this storied city.


The second largest city in Brazil and the sixth largest in the Americas, Rio de Janeiro — or simply “Rio,” as it is commonly called —  is one of the most traveled to cities in the Southern Hemisphere. In addition to its stunning natural settings (hello, rainforests and balneario beaches!), Rio is a mecca of culture and music. Don’t believe us? Put the annual Brazilian festival of Carnival, held in Rio, on your agenda. Not to mention, the city has been designated as a World Heritage Site for its special cultural significance.


King Air 200GT Review
King Air 200GT Review

More than 2,000 King Air 200s have been delivered since the first one flew off of the production line, making it the most popular turbine-powered business airplane in history. The 200GT is the latest model in a venerable line of corporate and charter aircraft that pilots and passengers have enjoyed and depended on for decades.

Beechcraft has added over two thousand improvements to the King Air design over the years. The most valuable change recently to the model was switching the engines on the new B200GT, giving the turboprop more speed and higher climb rates.

The PT6 turboprop engine that the 200GT uses is divided into two main sections, one to generate the hot high-pressure gas stream and another that captures the energy in that gas to turn the propeller. The power producing part of the engine is not coupled directly to the propeller, and that is why it is called a “free turbine” design.

Pratt took the gas generator part of the PT6A-60A engine that powers the bigger King Air 350 with 1,050-shaft horsepower rating and mated it to the gearbox section of the Dash 42 engine in the previous model of the 200. The new engine, dubbed a PT6A-52, is still limited, or flat rated, to 850 shaft horsepower at the propeller, but the engine has the thermodynamic ability to produce well over 1,000 shaft horsepower.

The B200GT has some important improvements that were carry overs from the 350, including newly styled seats with …