Private Aviation and the Global Economy

With private aviation in political crosshairs, we felt it necessary to take a long and detailed look at how the industry and its many members contribute to the global economy.
Hundreds of thousands of people around the world work night and day to manufacture, maintain, and operate the corporate jets that take passengers all over the globe every day.
They are the ones who do everything from building the actual aircrafts to maintaining and flying them in a safe environment.
These people are the ones you’ll never come across on a flight. They are the behind-the-scenes force that enables an important industry to thrive.
In a series of articles on the blog, we’ll be looking at manufactures, charter operators, and every other industry that makes this industry tick.
Sure, we may throw in shameless promotion for here and there, but we hope you’ll enjoy the ride. Stay tuned for our first featured postUpdate: Wednesday, October 26th

Our first blog post about the industry is now live, featuring Gulfstream. Check it out here. Enjoy the read and leave comments if you have flown on any of their work.

Update: Thursday, November 17th

Our second blog post in this series went live today. To read all about Cessna, click here.

Update: Monday, December 1st

Next up….Hawker Beechcraft. This is an aviation site but what a good history lesson this series is becoming.