The Mouse

We are always looking for great examples of private aviation strengthening businesses, and there is arguably no better example than the Grumman Gulfstream 1 the one and only Walt Disney purchased in 1964.  

The G1, later known as “The Mouse,” quickly became the most utilized executive aircraft in the world, thanks to almost continuous use shuttling an estimated 83,000 passengers during its service.

Other than Walt himself, the Gulfstream carried former presidents Ronald Regan, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. An assortment of other famous faces also used the plane, along with Disney animators heading out on goodwill tours. 
For many years, The Mouse carried tail number N234MM. The proper form for air traffic controllers, “two three four metro metro,” quickly turned to “two three four Mickey Mouse” or just “Mickey Mouse.”

While this might have been a well- known Gulfstream, it’s actually the plane’s first years in Disney service that are most interesting. 

The tail had no mouse on it…instead, one orange stripe, and a generic tail number with no MM included.

It looked like any other plane because Walt used it to secretly identify and survey land in Florida, for what would become his second theme park… and maybe you’ve heard of it…Disney World in Orlando?  

Confidentiality was important then just like it is today for a lot of companies.

Before that the G1 took Walt and company from California to New York for Disney’s contribution to the 1964 World’s Fair. One Disney blogger even noted Walt was so inspired by a fly over of San Juan that he included El Morro in his planning of Pirates of the Caribbean…just in planning at the time. 

As we mentioned Disney purchased it in 1964, with the interior custom selected by Walt and his wife Lillian.

The Gulfstream seated 15, featuring a galley, two couches and a desk. Walt was so curious about flight that he added his own special seat in the rear of the plane that had its own air speed gauge and altimeter. 

Many years later and after helping propel a company to greatness, N234MM took its last flight in 1992, landing in Orlando and ending up on display at Hollywood Studios…a Disney Park it helped create of course.

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