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Booking private charter should never start with a stock picture of a plane you’ll never fly on or be followed by a contact form going to someone who won’t actively participate in the trip.

That’s how we feel about it anyway, which is why set out to introduce the charter consumer to the exact aircraft and operator they will be flying with. Trip requests return aircrafts that best fit any trip and include specifics like pictures, safety ratings, operator contact information and more.

There is always room for improvement, which is why we have taken another step to improve the introduction process. Charter operators now have the ability to share video, featuring their companies and the planes they manage.

Two industry leaders in private aviation, Desert Jet and Solairus Aviation, were the first to add videos to the marketplace. This opened up a whole new world to the industry because it allows customers to get to know operators and aircraft before booking travel.

Now, more and more operators are producing videos to share with potential clients. To find the right aircraft and operator available for your next flight, run a trip request here.