Safety is Top Priority

We recognize safety is the top priority when selecting flight options, which is why we want to spend this blog post reviewing government standards for charter operators, along with safety programs many participate in.
For starters, every aircraft listed in the marketplace is required by the FAA to comply with Part 135 rules and regulations. FAA Part 135 is the operating standard at which aircraft safety, regulations, maintenance, and pilot licensure are ensured when operators are offering their services for hire. Additionally, many of our charter providers take the priority of your safety to the next level by having independent auditors perform safety audits.

While searching the air charter marketplace, consider looking for the ARGUS seal. The ARGUS CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) program was developed over a decade ago as the most accurate and detailed third-party due diligence system for charter operators, buyers and passengers around the world.

ARGUS extracts, filters, and vetts data on charter operators around the world through the CHEQ Program. This scoring system is the backbone of CHEQ and provides charter buyers with an independent, third-party, factually-based rating on an operator’s actual safety history.

You’ll notice ARGUS safety ratings at every step of performing trip requests on The ARGUS seals can be found in search results, on operator profile pages and individual aircraft pages. search technology also allows you to customize safety rating results via a drop down menu on the left side of each search result page.

Now that you know what to look for, here is what each individual rating means…
Gold Rating - To achieve the Gold Rating, ARGUS conducts in-depth research into numerous databases and other reputable sources. Historical information on the commercial certificate, pilots, aircraft serial numbers, ownership, management is compiled, processed and scored in an effort to determine the applicability of a Gold Rating.
An operator’s composite score is compared against an aggregate group of operators with like exposures, and if found to meet or exceed the median score of those operators, the operator will be granted an ARGUS Gold Rating. 

Gold Plus Rating - The Gold Plus Rating is awarded to operators who meet all Gold Rating requirements and have completed an ARGUS on-site safety audit or maintains IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) Stage 1 registry. 
The operation is audited against the ARGUS Platinum Standard, a standard developed by ARGUS in conjunction with the industry, which contains recognized best practices, policies and procedures.
Platinum Rating - The Platinum Rating is the highest level of the ARGUS Ratings. It is awarded to those experienced operators who meet the criteria for Gold and completed the ARGUS Platinum on-site safety audit.
A Platinum Rating requires a well-developed Safety Management System, a clear and workable Emergency Response Plan, effective policies and procedures, and documented records for all major aspects of Operations and Maintenance within a flight department or charter company.
It is important to understand operators and aircraft without safety ratings are not necessarily less safe. Safety rating companies may not cover certain aircraft types, such as prop powered aircraft, or certain operator locations.
While flying is always a risk, know that carefully selects who to let in to the Worldwide Air Charter Marketplace. 
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