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Our Mission

Booking commercial airline travel is easy. Booking a private jet charter is not.... We aim to change that.

Why should it be so tedious to book a private aircraft charter? We don't think it should be.  Introducing - our mission is to remove the mystery and put all the information on air charter and jet charter at your fingertips. That means with as little as one search or one phone call, you can research private planes available at charter airports around the world. Refine your search by airport, location, airplane type or whatever search criteria you choose, connect with the private charter operator and get ready to take your next trip.

private jet charter

Facts about private Jet Charters

  • A jet charter allows you access to 5000 destination charter airports vs. just 500.
  • Chartering a jet allows you to accomplish the most demanding business itinerary.
  • The service and convenience a private jet charter provides is unparalleled.
  • Whether a jet or air charter, travel anywhere, anytime on your schedule.
  • At private terminals, avoid crowded security lines of commercial airports and the jets they serve.
  • Your charter vacation starts the minute you board the private jet - not when you get to your destination.
  • You can have the charter operator plan catering aboard your next jet charter.
  • Travel with who you want aboard a charter jet.
  • Over 400 jets in our private jet search system.

Jet Charters - taking the hassle out of planning your next private aircraft charter.

JetCharters Mobile

JetCharters Mobile

The application makes arranging private aviation easier for retail charter consumers by allowing one click access to aircraft near their current location, or by searching cities or airports. Users also have instant access to discount one way flight availability and the lastest in industry news.

  • JetCharters Mobile App Store
  • JetCharters Mobile Google Play

Argus Safety Compliance


At, we recognize safety is a top priority. Every aircraft listed on our website is required by the FAA to comply with Part 135 rules and regulations. FAA Part 135 is the operating standard at which aircraft safety, regulations, maintenance, and pilot licensure are ensured.

Argus Safety Compliance


ARGUS is the worldwide leader in performing on-site safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators, and commercial airlines. Founded in 1995, key ARGUS services include Charter Evaluation & Qualification (CHEQ) and CHEQPoint, PRISM (Professional Resources In System Management), TRAQPak market intelligence data service, aircraft operating cost reports, market research, and aviation and travel consulting. For more information, please visit our safety page.