French-polynesia Airport Information

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City Airport Airport Code
Ahe Ahe Airport NTHE
Anaa Anaa Airport NTGA
Aratika nord Aratika Nord Airport NTKK
Arutua Arutua Airport NTGU
Atuona Hiva Oa Airport NTMN
Bora bora Bora Bora Airport NTTB
Faaite Faaite Airport NTKF
Fakarava Fakarava Airport NTGF
Fangatau Fangatau Airport NTGB
Hao is. Hao Airport NTTO
Huahine Huahine Airport NTTH
Kaukura Kaukura Airport NTGK
Makemo Makemo Airport NTGM
Manihi Manihi Airport NTGI
Mataiva Mataiva Airport NTGV
City Airport Airport Code
Maupiti Maupiti Airport NTTP
Moorea temae Temae Airport NTTM
Nuku hiva Nuku Hiva Airport NTMD
Papeete (tahiti is.) Tahiti Faaa Airport NTAA
Puka puka Puka Puka Airport NTGP
Raiatea Uturoa Airport NTTR
Raivavae Raivavae Airport NTAV
Rangiroa Rangiroa Airport NTTG
Reao Reao Airport NTGE
Rurutu island Rurutu Airport NTAR
Takapoto Takapoto Airport NTGT
Takaroa Takaroa Airport NTKR
Tikehau Tikehau Airport NTGC
Totegegie Totegegie Airport NTGJ
Tubuai island Tubuai Airport NTAT