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In the modern business world, staying connected is key. While there are many great ways to connect and communicate using the ever-changing technology available, sometimes face-to-face trumps all the others. This is where air travel comes in.

Did you know companies that use business aircraft outperform the rest in several key areas, including annual earnings, stocks and dividends, total share price and market capitalization?

What’s more, less than 500 of the approximately 15,000 business aircraft registered in America are flown by Fortune 500 companies. The rest are used by large and small companies across all sectors, including government, higher ed and charities.

It makes perfect sense that these folks would choose private aviation, considering that it enables them to reach 10 times the number of airports in the country, compared to flying commercial.

Not only are business aircraft often equipped with the most cutting edge technology options for in-flight meetings, communication and presentations, but they also provide a private space for sharing sensitive information.

Perhaps no one in the world understands the need for this better than the President of the United States.

The President must be able to get anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice, securely and safely, while staying connected. Enter Air Force One, a four thousand square foot behemoth designed to accomplish just one thing: getting the President of the United States where he needs to be.

When the leader of the free world has to get somewhere in a hurry, he boards the ultimate in state of the art business aircraft. Ever since President Franklin D. Roosevelt first ordered the creation of the Presidential Pilot Office in 1944, U.S. presidents have flown in style. The program would later become known as the Presidential Airlift Group and is a vital part of the White House Military Office.

Technically, any aircraft transporting the president is considered Air Force One, but the term is generally used to describe a special pair of aircraft designed specifically for transporting the commander in chief, and everyone and everything he needs with him.

Today, the planes serving as Air Force One are two highly customized Boeing 747-200B series aircraft. And calling them customized doesn’t really do them justice. These flying masterpieces are capable of refueling in flight, making their range virtually infinite. The president has the capability to get anywhere in the world non stop using Air Force One.

Air Force One is also the pinnacle of cyber security, with hardened communications equipment allowing the president to use the plane as a mobile command center. While on board, he can safely and freely communicate with his administration or anyone else in the world as easily as he can from the White House. The aircraft’s electrical systems are also reinforced to protect them from electromagnetic pulse or any outside interference.

Inside Air Force One, the president and his staff can take advantage of three floors of private quarters, conference rooms, lavatories, and even a fully equipped doctor’s office. The majority of the furnishings were created by master carpenters and all windows are armored. The body of the plane can withstand a nuclear blast, from the ground.

There’s also a professionally staffed kitchen capable of feeding up to a hundred passengers at a time. The aircraft is a sight to behold, as tall as a six-story building with the words United States of America along the side.

Not too shabby, right? While we can’t all fly on Air Force One with the President, there are still lots of options. Whether you need to get across the country or across the Atlantic, there’s a business jet that’s right for your needs.

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Enjoyed this post? Stay tuned for more about how the President of the United States travels through the sky with an upcoming post about Marine One and the benefits of helicopter charter.

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