When looking for a jet card or jet membership program for your air charter needs, make sure you really understand what you are getting. It seems these days everyone in the air charter business is selling so-called “jet cards.” Different people sell them – air charter companies, charter brokers, fractional jet providers, etc. In looking at my own air charter needs, I would ask the following to prospective companies I was considering:

  • Is my money safe? Is the company that I am giving my money to a reputable company that has been around for some time? Since air charter jet cards require a substantial upfront payment left on deposit, this would be a concern.
  • Do I know how my prepaid air charter time would be deducted off of the jet card? Would it be the same rate for all trips? Would it be at different rates for round-trip or one-way travel? Would there be any deduction and at what rate for taxi time?
  • What type of planes am I guaranteed – specific jet types, specific categories, etc?
  • What type of notice to I have to give to book a jet?
  • Do I have 365 day availability with no blackout dates?
  • Does the company I am dealing with carry adequate liability insurance coverage for the jets they fly or book?

Jet cards are a big investment so it pays to understand what you are receiving when comparing your options in the air charter marketplace.

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