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In years past, the world of private jet charter was seen as an exclusive club, with only the wealthiest individuals as members. This is just not the case anymore. Changing economic conditions have prompted many private jet charter companies to adapt their business models, offering more efficient as well as more affordable jet charter travel options.

One of these options is empty leg flights. An empty leg is a situation that arises when an aircraft must reposition from one location to another ‘empty handed.’ In order to get the jet where it is needed for its next flight, an operator may opt to sell a trip at a discounted price.

Another more affordable jet charter travel option is a one-way flight. One-way flights are jet charter flights with schedules and destinations that are already determined. This type of flight does not need to position back to base, but is still available for purchase at a discounted price.

There are many benefits to chartering one-way and empty leg flights.

Empty leg jet charters are good for business and leisure travelers with flexible travel itineraries. Empty leg flights populate on the basis of availability so when travelers have some options of flexibility with regard to their departure times and travel dates, they can enjoy jet charter travel at a more affordable price.

One-way charters are a good choice for travelers planning trips that are extended in length. When planning an extended trip, a one-way private jet charter allows a travel to avoid …

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Miami Air International is one of the world’s premier charter airlines. Dedicated to providing unsurpassed service, Miami Air International was founded in 1990 by a group of aviation executives who had one goal in mind: creating the ultimate in charter airlines. Miami Air is also committed to the highest of safety standards, reliability and customer service. was able to speak with Miami Air International’s marketing manager Karen Farquharson about what makes the company different from the rest.

Said Farquharson,“I’ve been with the company since 1997 and our executive team members are all either founders or individuals who have been part of things since the inception. We have a unique corporate culture that contributes to our success and this dedication to excellence is evident to our clients.”

Headquartered in the original Pan Am Training Academy, Miami Air has approximately 450 employees and operates on a 24/7/365 basis, including dispatch and maintenance.

While Miami Air is strictly a charter provider, it operates under the same guidelines as a commercial carrier, but without the headaches and stress associated with commercial air travel.

One way that Miami Air has set itself apart is by the aircraft it operates, a state-of-the-art fleet of Boeing 737 that fly charter passengers all over the world. Miami Air customers can trust they will arrive where and when they need to.

Some special amenities available to Miami Air charter passengers include the following:

Customized headrest covers with your company logo Personalized food and beverage menus In-flight games and…

Starbase Jet is an industry leader, ARG/US Platinum safety rated, and a proud member of the marketplace. Needless to say, Starbase is a company you want to fly with.

So what makes them unique?

Starbase sets itself apart by offering fixed price charter options . sat down with Luis Garcia, vice president of charter sales at Starbase, to learn more about this innovative charter program offered exclusively by Starbase Jet and how it has allowed the company to effectively and efficiently serve its customers.

The original intent for the fixed price charter option was simply to give clients a guide to what types of costs they could expect, so clients could see the pricing up front when they were planning their trips. According to Garcia, Starbase Jet has combined the benefits of both On Demand jet charter and Jet Card programs for clients who want to experience private jet membership without the initial buy-in costs.

In fact, fixed price customers enjoy many of the same benefits of jet charter members. This includes being able to expect that aircraft will be maintained at a certain standard as well as crews vetted. Basically, it means a certain quality across the board.

Garcia also stated that no matter how long a flight might happen to take, clients will only pay the fixed price. This means they won’t be surprised with any hidden fees, fuel surcharges, landing fees and the like.

“We find our clients greatly appreciate the option of fixed price …


Living in Colorado and playing in the Rocky Mountains, we natives and lifestyle adoptees are no strangers to the diverse conditions that tease us every 5 to 10 minutes – sun, rain, snow, severe wind – and that’s just in one day. And all of us are well trained to adjust to the safety needs of severe weather travel and high altitude conditions.

No one balks at the weather or the additional gear that goes along with the Rocky Mountain lifestyle, however, if you’re a regular traveler and charter flight patron, balked landings are a common part of a pilots training and though very rare, a very good response in congested or last minute scenarios; a strong gust of wind, a wayward fuel truck too close to or on the runway, or another aircraft taxiing across the runway. Add a high altitude or remote location to the airport and you potentially face the local wildlife, bold and daring, and sometimes completely unimpressed by a jet engine and slow to move or stand down. In these cases, a balked landing, also known as a go-around, creates a better opportunity for a near perfect landing, and lets you have another chance to take in the terrain and surroundings from a high vantage point before emerging from the comfort of your luxury aircraft.

When it comes to mountain airports like Aspen and Eagle Colorado, surrounded by towering peaks, ever changing weather conditions, and abundant wildlife, balked landings are a part of a pilot’s …

Booking private charter should never start with a stock picture of a plane you’ll never fly on or be followed by a contact form going to someone who won’t actively participate in the trip.

That’s how we feel about it anyway, which is why set out to introduce the charter consumer to the exact aircraft and operator they will be flying with. Trip requests return aircrafts that best fit any trip and include specifics like pictures, safety ratings, operator contact information and more.

There is always room for improvement, which is why we have taken another step to improve the introduction process. Charter operators now have the ability to share video, featuring their companies and the planes they manage.

Two industry leaders in private aviation, Desert Jet and Solairus Aviation, were the first to add videos to the marketplace. This opened up a whole new world to the industry because it allows customers to get to know operators and aircraft before booking travel.

Now, more and more operators are producing videos to share with potential clients. To find the right aircraft and operator available for your next flight, run a trip request here.…