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Experience the Grand Tradition of the Kentucky Derby with a Jet Charters Excursion to Louisville

The Kentucky Derby takes place May 6th in Louisville and if you would like to witness what’s known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” travelers can still make plans to attend. It’s easy to get to Louisville by way of private jet charters while avoiding the stress of commercial air travel.

The race, a Grade I stakes for Thoroughbreds is one and a quarter miles. The Kentucky Derby has taken place every year since 1875 and kicks off the US Triple Crown, consisting of the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont. The Kentucky Derby is the most widely attended of the three races.

The Kentucky Derby has many longstanding traditions and this year’s race is no different. Travelers can experience these traditions first-hand on a jet charters trip to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby.

First, there’s the Garland of the Roses. Referring to the rose garland derby winners are presented with, this tradition started in the late 1800s when Ben Brush, a Derby winner, was presented with a pink and white rose flower arrangement. The rose is now the official flower of the Kentucky Derby.

Another popular tradition is the music, specifically the song “My Old Kentucky Home.” It’s quite a sight to see as well as an emotional moment when horses arrive at the track for the Kentucky Derby post parade and the band begins to play the beloved song.

Rising above the …

Five Breathtaking Resorts in the Maldives That You Must Visit

For many travelers, the islands of the Maldives define “tropical paradise.” This collection of small land masses in the Indian Ocean features white sand beaches, palm trees, clear water and ideal temperatures.

The Maldives is certainly far-flung. This makes it the perfect place for people who want to escape the crowds that flock to more-mainstream destinations. Actually, the Maldives is not very difficult to reach. With a private jet, travel can be quite straightforward. A few islands even have their own airfields, so you can skip the main airport in the capital, Malé, altogether.

The resorts of the Maldives put a premium on luxury, and they occupy some of the most idyllic corners of the island nation. It is almost impossible to go wrong when you choose one of these five amazing resorts.

Six Senses Laamu

This Six Senses resort has the island of Laamu all to itself. Guests can choose from an impressive collection of over-water bungalows. The spa here is second to none, and the food is made by skilled chefs using ingredients that are actually grown right on the island. Sailing, dolphin cruises, gourmet beach picnics and diving excursions are on the menu at Laamu. This venue will also appeal to conscientious travelers because of its eco-friendly design and practices.

Maalifushi by COMO

Only recently opened, this resort strives to provide a “barefoot luxury” experience to its guests. The local area is not as developed as some other parts of the island chain, so things feel more …

5 Exotic Cars to Rent on Your Next Trip

On your next trip, why settle for something boring like a Toyota Camry or a Ford Fusion? Instead, you can rent a wide variety of far more interesting premium luxury vehicles through several different exotic car rental services to take your trip to the next level, from luxury sedans to expedition ready SUVs and performance-oriented sports cars. Some options like Enterprise’s Exotic Car Collection will even offer jet-side services, so you can go straight from the private jet to your exotic rental, streamlining your trip and letting you relax. Other companies like Turo let you save money by renting other people’s cars, which means you can find some pretty crazy options. Regardless, you’ll never need to visit the standard rental car counter again, because there are so many great options. Check them out below:

Aston Martin DB9 through the Enterprise Exotic Car Collection

The Aston Martin DB9 is one of the most striking modern cars available, and is available for rental from Enterprise as both a coupe and a convertible. The DB9 is powered by an incredibly smooth 6.0 liter V12 engine that puts out 510 horsepower. Inside, the cabin is quite luxurious with comfortable leather bucket seats befitting of the Aston’s grand touring nature. As a grand tourer, the DB9 is perfect for taking extended road trips as it is able to cover many miles quickly and comfortably.

Enterprise offers Aston Martin DB9s at a variety of locations throughout the country, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego Las Vegas, …

flying private to the masters

The world’s best golfers and most enthusiastic fans travel to Augusta, Georgia each April for what is not only the most anticipated golf tournament of the year, but one of the most anticipated sporting events on the calendar period.

Attending the Masters is high on many people’s bucket lists, but watching this event is much different than going to a baseball game or to the racetrack. There are some important things that you need to know before you go to the tournament for the first time.

Getting there and staying there

The Masters brings quite a bit of traffic to Augusta. Chartering a plane is a common way to avoid the crush at the airport.

Hotels fill up early, so it is best to make reservations months in advance (as soon as you get your tickets). One option is to visit, where local residents list their homes for rent during the tournament. This can be a great way to find some extra comfort and privacy.


Because there is a limited amount of space at the course, tickets have to be sold by lottery. You must apply for a drawing, and if your name is drawn, you will have a chance to purchase tickets. Tickets are actually reasonably priced ($65 for practice rounds, $100 for tournament days).  You could also try your luck on the secondary market or get invited by a club member or someone else with passes.

Do not bring these things…

Some very common items are …

umbrella, the worldwide air charter marketplace of private jet travel has looked at all of its private jet trip requests from March 1st – April 1st, 2016 in order to compile a list of our most popular Spring Break destinations.

1. Miami, Florida

Delano Hotel, Miami

If you see a private jet in the sky, there’s a good chance it’s heading to Miami this spring. There is plenty to do here that make this destination perfect for spring break. Beautiful beaches with clear water, a world-famous food scene that you can’t experience anywhere else, and some of the hottest clubs in the country that will have you partying until the morning hours. Aside from it’s amazing beach scene, Miami is a modern city that has everything you could want.

Dine with Celebrity chef José Andrés’ at  The Bazaar which steadily remains in the top 10 list on TripAdvisor.  Check out the iconic Joe’s Stone Crab, which boasts a full selection of fresh seafood and steaks, and indulge in stone crabs that people fly across the globe for. Fun fact: Stone crab has been around longer than the city of Miami itself.  Founded in 1913,  the city of Miami was founded two years later in 1915.

Tired of the sun? Spend your days shopping at the Bal Harbour shops. With 450,000 square feet of pure bliss, this former site of World War II barracks boasts more than 100 upscale brands including Chanel, Gucci, Balenciaga, and department stores like Neiman Marcus and …

High Rollers Guide to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is adept at catering to high rollers. If you are a big bettor or a VIP, you can expect to enjoy the best of the best in terms of services and amenities. Casinos have luxury suites, front row show tickets, special tables at hard-to-get-into restaurants and other perks set aside just for their special guests.

Whether you are a high rolling gambler or you want to experience the ultimate Las Vegas luxury vacation without betting, here is what you can expect during your next visit to Sin City.

Arriving (and staying) in style

The best way to arrive in Las Vegas is on a private jet. Since most of the major casino resorts offer transportation to their VIP guests, passengers can expect some sort of limo service from the charter terminal to their resort.

Suites or villas are always the accommodation of choice for high rollers. The Bellagio’s Presidential Suite, with a fireplace, whirlpool and indoor garden, is an example of this kind of upscale hotel option. The Wynn Las Vegas and Palms are known for their luxurious suites, while Caesars Palace has opulent villas that it keeps reserved for its most valued guests.

The Aria’s Sky Suites, meanwhile, are relatively reasonably priced, so they could be a good option if you do not wish do enough gambling to earn a complimentary stay.

Eating and drinking in style

Las Vegas has become a foodie destination. Cutting-edge eateries abound here, and every casino has several showcase venues with menus …

12 must experience evnts in aspen

If you’re planning a winter getaway, it doesn’t get much better than Aspen. From a world class outdoor-sports destination to a mecca for arts and culture, this Rocky Mountain-town makes a dream holiday vacation spot.

Ready to go? Don’t waste precious time in an airport that could be spent shredding powder on the slopes. Instead, charter a private jet and skip the hassle of baggage check, long security lines, and the sense of claustrophobia flying on a crowded commercial flight ensures.

Once you arrive in Aspen rested and refreshed after your relaxing flight aboard a chartered jet, check out the following must-experience events while you’re visiting.

Aspen Highlands Opening Day

For anyone planning to hit the slopes during their Aspen trip, Dec. 10 should be marked on the calendar. Why? It’s the date the Aspen Highlands — slopes favored by locals and in-the-know skiers — opens for the season.

Buttermilk Opening Day

If you’ve ever watched the X Games or the Red Bull Double Pipe event, you’ll recognize Buttermilk mountain and park where the annual sporting events take place. These slopes aren’t just for pros, though — Buttermilk is beginner- and family- friendly, too. Opening day is Dec. 10.

SQN Sport Holiday Shopping Event

Nothing’s better than a day of shopping after hitting the slopes, unless said shopping also happens to benefit the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club. Such is the case with the SQN Sport Holiday Shopping Event on Dec. 10, which boasts perks like eggnog, holiday goodies, …

top 15 places to spend Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, perhaps it’s time to establish a new tradition — instead of staying home for the holidays, why not travel to some of the most festive locales in the world? Whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas or your idea of very merry is somewhere warm and sunny, there is no shortage of extraordinary places to spend the holidays.

Bonus? If you travel by private jet charter, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of holiday airport crowds or long waits at the ticket kiosk. Stocking up on Vitamin-C so you don’t catch a cold from the stranger seated next to you won’t be a priority, because you (and whomever you travel with) will have the comfort and convenience of privacy on your chartered jet.

So if you’re looking to shake up your standard holiday routine, consider chartering a jet to one of these dream Christmas destinations.

The Maltese Islands

When it comes to the holiday season, the Maltese Islands of Malta and Gozo don’t mess around. From candlelit carol singing in Valetta to touring the many “presepju” or nativity crib displays, there’s something for everything. The stunning light display on Republic Street is reason alone to visit.

Trømso, Norway

The sun doesn’t shine at all in the snowy city island of Tromso during December, and the darkness sets a striking backdrop for tons of twinkling holiday lights. Plus, you’ll experience pretty spectacular views of the northern lights between 6 pm and midnight. Other …

flying private to bowl games

While the holidays hold special sentiment for everyone, this time of year is particularly joy-filled for fans of college football. Why? Bowl games, of course — through the end of 2016 and tiptoeing into 2017 are tons of bowl games to keep the college ball fan entertained.

While many fans will be watching these games at home or on flat-screens at their favorite local watering holes, the thousands of fans in the stands prove you don’t have to be a sofa spectator during bowl games.

Unfortunately, many of the fans who do make it to bowl games waste a huge chunk of time traveling to the game, trying to park, finding their seats, and then repeating the process in reverse when the game is over. But there’s a better way to travel to bowl games, and it’s by private jet charter.

In addition to saving you the time and hassle of flying commercially (or driving, even), flying by private jet is incredibly convenient. Private jets can fly into and out of over 5,000 airports in the US, compared to around 500 that can accommodate larger commercial aircraft.

You have unparalleled privacy, plenty of elbow room, no kids kicking the back of your set, and a much more peaceful mode of travel altogether. Plus, despite common myths about flying by private jet charter, it’s much more cost-effective than you might think — especially if you travel with friends and split the tab.

So what are you waiting for? With the first …

Private Jet Honeymoon

Newlyweds planning their honeymoon may initially be daunted by the seemingly endless array of romantic vacation ideas. While choosing a beach, a ski resort, a luxurious island, or a foreign country may take some serious thought, one detail both parties can agree on is luxury transportation.

Reaching your destination is as simple as hiring a charter jet. No matter where you’re honeymooning, it’s highly likely there will be an airport nearby. The entire charter jet experience revolves around you—your schedule, your convenience, and even your meal preferences. That’s the beauty of planning a charter jet honeymoon. From start to finish, the focus is on making your travels as comfortable and personalized as possible.

There are many benefits to booking a charter jet for your honeymoon. Imagine the undeniable luxury of traveling only with your new spouse, no other passengers around you, and a courteous crew catering to your needs throughout the flight. It’s the ultimate in private travel, and it sets a romantic tone for an intimate honeymoon. It couldn’t be easier to plan, either; just select your departing city, destination, and travel dates. You’ll be presented with a vast selection of charter jets that meet your needs.

You won’t have to worry about the little details that accompany traditional commercial flights, either. Forget layovers and mad dashes to your connecting flight. On a charter jet, you and your spouse will enjoy direct access to your destination. And why waste precious moments together in a crowded airport security line? A …