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A Boston based website, Flytenow, which connected pilots with people willing to share their charter flights, was shut down in December. Federal courts ruled against flight sharing services similar to Uber and Lyft saying these types of charter flights violate FAA regulations. People sharing these flights did not pay for tickets, rather, they only shared fuel and fee costs with the pilot.

The FAA argued that this type of service was similar to a commercial common carrier because its flights were open to the public. The problem is private and commercial pilots and aircraft have to go through different types of regulations.

They also shut down a few other flight-sharing websites.

Flytenow argued that these types of plane sharing flights have been going on for decades.

All aircraft operators that are legal for public charter must have an Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) and that certificate must be approved through the relevant aviation authority. Here in the US, that authority is the FAA and the information regarding this AOC is under part 135 of the FAA regulations. Hence, we refer to them as Part 135 operators.

The FAA has the authority to oversee the operations of these Part 135 operators. They hold the operator to a very high level of standards, and hold the certificate holder accountable for their actions or omissions. Pilots of these operators undergo extensive training at least every six months. These pilots are also subject to regular flight reviews from senior pilots, must be type-rated in their …


Al Roker has announced that he will attempt to beat the current Guinness World Record by broadcasting live weather in all 50 states in just one week. NetJets, a private aviation company that has over 700 large aircraft, is sponsoring the event to make his journey possible. provides a wider range of solutions, at more cost effective prices.

Al had previously broadcasted 34 hours of straight weather coverage last year and is going above and beyond for this year’s goal. He began his journey on Friday and will complete his journey this coming Friday.

Al began his trip in Hawaii and will end on November 13th in New York City. Doing this in just one week, he will have certain days where he is covering 7 or more states.

Business Aircraft are Time Saving Tools

With Al covering so many states in one day, he will need aircraft that saves time. Business Aviation is a widespread industrious enhancing device used by small and large companies.  In fact, according to the results of a study published by the NBAA, more than 60% of business respondents named efficient schedules and the ability to reach remote locations as a benefit of private aviation.

Business Aircraft gives Al the location to location precision that he needs when traveling to state to state. Because this precision is so timely, without a need to wait in lines and suffer through airport delays, Al will be able to reach numerous states or more in just one …

BOSTON - OCTOBER 8:  British Airways Concorde Flight 1215 arrives at Logan International Airport from London October 8, 2003 in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is one of only three North American cities, including Washington, DC and Toronto, to receive a special farewell visit from the Concorde before the supersonic fleet is taken out of service.  (Photo by Douglas McFadd/Getty Images)

The world’s fastest aircraft, the Concorde, originally owned and operated by Air France & British Airways, probably won’t return to commercial flight anytime soon. The Telegraph newspaper states that, “Club Concorde” has received $186 million for their aeronautical restoration strategy and is optimistic and motivated to complete their project by revamping this aircraft for private charter and display purposes by 2019.

Club Concorde includes former pilots, captains, charterers and Concorde enthusiasts.

A flight that would take close to 7 hours is cut in half by flying the Concorde super jet. This aircraft flies at twice the speed of sound, that’s 1,370 mph (and flights we take generally travel around 600 mph). This aircraft can quickly bring passengers from New York, NY to London, England in less than 3.5 hours.

First flying in 1969, the aircraft flew passengers for 27 years up until 2003.

Future Plans

Their plans are to buy an existing model to put on display in London and Paris as well as purchase another to restore for flight.

Club Concorde hopes to get one of the planes in the air via chartered flights by 2019 which is coincidentally the 50th anniversary of the Concorde’s inaugural flight.

The group hopes to put the aircraft on display by 2017 in London next to the London Eye where tourists can dine on site while touring the aircraft. If all goes well, there are plans for a second project on the Seine River in Paris.

Why Did Air France & British Airways …

Telluride-Ski today announced Telluride as the top ski destination in the United States for 2015.

“What was once a remote mining camp for silver and gold prospectors has become the top ski destination in the country,” said Robert Hart, president at “And makes it easier than ever to get there, with non-stop direct routes to Telluride which cut out the time stuck trying to make connecting flights, layovers, cancelled flights, and long drives from airports with commercial service”

Jet Charters nominated Telluride based on the following factors:

– scenery
– population
– lodging
– dining
– activities
– location.

Walking down Colorado Avenue, Telluride sells itself, offering one of the most spectacular box canyon views. Flying charter will help visitors arrive quickly and easily, as opposed to relying on the nearest airport with commercial service, which requires a drive of at least an hour and a half.

Once visitors have arrived, a stay in Telluride is seemingly flawless, without the need for a car. The Town of Telluride connects to Mountain Village via Gondola free of charge.

“Mountain Aviation provides our clients the benefit of flying directly into the Telluride Regional Airport,” said said Brigitte dePagter Kusuno, business development at Mountain Aviation. “Our guests appreciate how amazing and unique Telluride is and therefore cherish every additional moment we can offer them.”

dePagter Kusuno went on to say, “As the only charter company with a base of operations in Telluride, Mountain Aviation has become the leader of charter services …

672x372, the Worldwide Air Charter Marketplace has unveiled a new aviation alliance with a wide range of top private charter operators just in time for the holiday travel rush when predicted travel numbers are set to reach an all-time high. The new alliance with more than 265 operators across the nation makes more than 820 aircraft available for charter customers around the globe.

“This new wider range of partners means the perfect solution for any trip,” said Robert Hart, president at “We have small air taxi for short range, as well as heavy jets for larger groups and everything in between.”

Key benefits of choosing private air charter through the new alliance include the option of service to more airports than commercial airlines as well as ease of travel and a more personalized experience.

Additionally, was recently featured in a New York Post article about how charter jet travel is becoming increasingly more popular among travelers because of how affordable it is.

Hart went on to say that “while there has previously been a belief that private jet travel is for the ultra-rich, we are working to de-bunk this myth. The new and increased options now available on make private flight affordable and available for many.”

In fact, was initially developed to meet the growing needs of a growing number of domestic and international jet charter business travelers.

Thousands of companies and organizations of all sizes depend on private aviation to minimize travel time, and enhance …

air_taxi, the Worldwide Air Charter Marketplace, has announced that it now offers, through its large network of operators, a variety of affordable and efficient air travel options by way of air taxi.

“Air taxi is a convenient way for business or leisure travelers to reach their destinations in much less time than traditional air travel or driving,” said Haroon Qureshi, director of public relations and sales for ImagineAir. “With companies like ImagineAir, a party of three could depart from Atlanta, visit Nashville and Knoxville and be back home in Atlanta before dinner. Whether the traveler is a business person seeking to attend meetings in several cities in one day or a vacationer going on a weekend getaway, air taxi is the best choice for affordable, efficient private aviation travel.”

The air taxi concept involves smaller planes transporting passengers between local airports upon request. It grew out of a 2005 research and developmental program between NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration. The idea was to make private aviation more affordable by lowering overhead and cutting costs to bring the price point down. Air taxi is now a booming industry with a steadily growing number of operators offering numerous travel options across the country.

The most typical air taxi passengers are usually a party of 2 people who are seeking to replace a 3 to 8 hour drive, saving time with a quick flight. Qureshi listed some of the most popular ImagineAir travel destinations as Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Charleston and Raleigh. Additionally, …

Illegal Charters

Worldwide air charter marketplace has introduced new standards to increase safety and satisfaction for private aviation travelers. These safety standards are also being met in an attempt to combat the darker side of the private aviation industry: illegal charters.

Consumers would probably be quite surprised to learn that illegal or grey aircraft charters make up approximately half of all private jet charters around the world.

One market in which illegal charter activity has recently garnered some attention is Europe as the European Business Aviation Association has commissioned a Germany-based consulting firm to conduct an in-depth study on the issue. The EBAA, NBAA’s European counterpart is committed to addressing the issue head-on.

The main problem with illegal charters is they put the customer at a high risk. In the case of an incident or accident, owner violations invalidate insurance policies, leaving passengers vulnerable and unprotected.

What exactly constitutes an illegal charter? These flights are deemed such because they lack an FAA-approved Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC). The main cause of illegal charters is aircraft owners seeking to cover high costs associated with aircraft ownership.

General aviation pilots with valid AOCs are subject to regular flight reviews, performance audits, and various flight time requirements. Private aircraft owners are not required to maintain the same standards as those with valid AOCs, thus these flights do not adhere to operational safety standards set forth by governing authorities

To minimize the risk of booking illegal charters, private aviation passengers should follow these simple tips:



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        

Alexandria, VA, August 6, 2013 — The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is pleased to announce as its newest member the worldwide air charter marketplace By joining the ACSF, is among more than 107 other businesses that support the foundation’s vision to enable on-demand air charter providers and fractional program managers in achieving the highest levels of safety in the aviation industry.

“Our mission at is to remove the mystery of chartering a private jet and put all the information our clients need at their fingertips,” said President Robert Hart. “By providing our customers with world-class service and safety for all of their private travel needs,  they can have the utmost confidence when choosing”

“We are pleased to welcome to the foundation,” said ACSF President Bryan Burns. “With the emphasis on obtaining high level safety data, records, and statistics, has substantially narrowed the list of its approved networks down from the many charter operators in the marketplace today.”

Added Hart, “We’ve always taken great pride in the fact that we provide transparency with regard to the data and information we base our recommendations on. Joining ACSF will help us continue to do so.”


Bryan Burns

JC-icon3 Expansion of Business aviation viable solution to fill in commercial gaps 

Knoxville, Tenn. – Feb. 28, 2013, the Worldwide Air Charter Marketplace, has announced it will expand its network of operators to include the United Kingdom. currently has more than 750 aircraft from 225 charter operators available for U.S. charter customers and plans to add between 50 and 75 aircraft from U.K. operators over the next few months.

A recent article in London’s Evening Standard cited an annual loss by the U.K. of $1.8 billion dollars per year because of a lack of direct air links to emerging global markets. Robert Hart, President at, knows business aviation can fill gaps left by commercial airlines.

“According to the National Business Aviation Association, of the more than 5,000 U.S. airports, business aviation reaches 10 times as many as commercial airlines do,” said Hart. “By expanding to the U.K., we want to provide business travelers an easier way to use private aviation to get where they need to go.”

Conceived to cater to the needs of domestic and international jet charter travelers, has grown substantially in the past two years since its inception.

The worldwide air charter marketplace employs search technology that filters aircraft by relevance to help travelers select the best possible choice for their trip. By showcasing its customized database search, allows travelers to easily create customized searches based on all desired travel criteria. also offers detailed information on all aircraft listed for …

Engineer with jet engine

The use of private aviation for businesses is a thriving industry but even with its steady growth and widespread popularity, there are still many aspects that the public doesn’t understand. One important aspect of the world of private and business aviation is its positive economic impact in cities and towns across America.

Private aviation directly affects the U.S. economy through aircraft manufacturing as well as airport-related jobs. In fact, 1.2 million Americans are employed by the private aviation industry, an industry which contributes $150 billion to U.S. economic output each year. The majority of business aircraft in the world are maintained, serviced and operated in the United States. The majority of business aircraft that are flown worldwide are manufactured here as well.

Planes manufactured outside the U.S. are often completed in America, where they are installed with engines, avionics, electronics, paint, interiors and other U.S.-made products. Many American companies contribute to the aircraft completion process with goods and services needed to make an aircraft. This includes products such as aluminum, glass, plastic, fabric and other materials, radio, TV, Internet and other communications equipment for navigation, coordination with air traffic control and other functions.

In addition to private aviation manufacturing, there are many other jobs created for U.S. workers. Hundreds of thousands of individuals in every state across the country are employed through the operation of private aircraft for business purposes. Occupations created through the industry of private aviation include schedulers, dispatchers, maintenance technicians, pilots, training professionals, insurers, flight attendants, airport …