There’s an old adage that professors of economics like to throw around that says “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”
Well, on one hand, those professors are right. If you get something for free you can bet that somewhere along the line someone shelled out a couple of bucks for whatever it is. But there’s no need to get into semantics when all you really want to do is enjoy a good deal and that’s just what has in store.
During the month of October as our gift to you, the first five customers to book or schedule a flight will receive a $250 catering credit from It doesn’t matter who you book your flight with so long as the flight is booked with a approved operator.
This means that you can forget about munching on some potato chips while sipping a soft drink on your next flight waiting for it to land so you can get a good meal. Catering allows for the good meal to be brought on board so that you can eat whatever your heart desires while flying to your destination.
Check out an earlier blog: Catering on Private Jets to find out more about in-flight catering.
To take advantage of this offer, simply email with the details of your trip, including the operator you booked with. If among the first five to do so before the end of October, we will arrange to pay the first $250 of your catering charges.

Now back to the economics lesson. While our gift to you is by no means free considering you need to book travel in order to receive it and your catering costs could go over the credit we’re offering, it’s still a great way to go about your business and maybe even get a free lunch along the way.

If you have questions regarding the free catering offer or need help finding the right charter, contact us here or call 1-866-999-5387.
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