Gulfstream G150 Review

Gulfstream G150 Review

Riding in a Gulfstream jet has always been considered a very high-class way of business and charter travel. While the name Learjet is almost always used interchangeably with the term “business jet,” it is the Gulfstream line of aircraft that the international jet setting and corporate crowd crave.

With its 3,000 nautical mile range and wide array of comforts, the Gulfstream G150 rides atop the heap in terms of style, grace and utility.

Gulfstream’s G150, is a direct design descendant to Israel Aircraft Industries’ Astra, although it has so many new features that the aircraft is truly a new design. The G150 has an upgraded and modern cockpit with a bigger cabin behind the flight deck. All of its improved systems and a more sleek and modern appearance set it well apart from its predecessors.

The G150 was the Gulfstream’s first entry into the mid-size bizjet market segment. The fuselage was lengthened, giving the aircraft a cabin with class-leading available space. No comfort feature is left out of its passenger area and the flight deck gets the same treatment with a four-display Pro Line 21 avionics suite. The G150 offers the utility and convenience of trans-continental range and it can do so at a quick pace – eight-tenths the speed of sound in cruise.

The G150 goes farther distances at a higher speed than almost any other midsize business jet. It does this while sipping on fuel and at a high enough altitude to avoid most of the weather. It has one of the lowest direct operating costs per hour in its class, and carries off this economy while dependably maintaining an annual dispatch-reliability rating higher than 99.8 percent.

This ability to fly at a faster cruise speed than any other midsize jet means G150 travelers will arrive more than an hour ahead of other aircraft in its class. The aircraft’s maximum cruise Mach of 0.85 helped the G150 set ten world city-pair speed records in its first two years of service.

Start the day after lunch in Philadelphia, and be in San Diego for dinner. In the Gulfstream G150, a sea to shining sea trip is less than six hours nonstop at Mach 0.80.

The G150 is a world traveler

With a maximum range of 3,000 nautical miles at the G150 is one of the few aircraft in its class to reliably fly from the west coast to Hawaii nonstop. At its normal cruise of Mach 0.80, the G150 has a range of 2,600 nautical miles.

The G150 is just as effective reaching other parts of the world. Paris to Bahrain, Caracas to Buenos Aires and Berlin to Casablanca are very realizable nonstop flights.

Corporate and charter flying is just as much about conserving the traveler’s time as it is his or her comfort. The G150’s remarkable range gives the added advantage of reaching farther destinations at faster speeds, and does this while costing less to do so than any other aircraft in its class.

Oval comfort and utility in the cabin

Imagine a passenger cabin that has been vertically pulled up out if its previously round configuration. Its elongated interior would provide straighter and taller sidewalls that would make more room for human comfort. There is a two-seat couch, or divan along the cabin wall and the more vertical configuration allows for a more comfortable ride – no need to hunch over when seated.

There are eleven large oval windows in the G150 that bring in copious amounts of light creating an airy sense of comfort and openness.


The G150 was the first Gulfstream aircraft to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration for Stage 4, the industry’s most rigorous noise standard. Passengers on long flights are refreshed by Gulfstream’s 100 percent fresh-air circulation, which is resupplied in a G150 roughly every two minutes.

A satellite phone and a high-definition entertainment center with ledge-mounted, high-definition television monitors can make those long international and coast-to-coast flights more entertaining and productive.

A twenty four by twenty six inch cargo door is large enough to handle oversized baggage. This allows for enough capability to load six fully equipped golf bags while still leaving room for luggage. Extra storage in forward and aft closets brings gross baggage volume to 80 cubic feet.

The Flight Deck

The G150 cockpit layout and equipment provides the pilots with flight information, weather conditions, electronic charts and options for advanced navigation. It is one of the most technologically equipped midsize business aircraft in existence today.

The flight deck features a four-screen Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics system. The 30.5cm x 25.4cm liquid-crystal displays are arranged two per side in portrait format. The outboard screens normally serve as each pilot’s primary flight display.

Situational awareness for the flight crew is further improved by the way traffic collision avoidance system cues are presented. In many aircraft, traffic alerts and conflict cues are displayed on a small instrument in the pilot’s panel using the vertical velocity indicator. On the G150 primary flight display – on a big screen right in front of the pilot, a yellow fly-to box and red threat box are depicted making collision avoidance much easier.

This aircraft, while being a little on the pricey side to acquire has more than enough advantages to offset the initial cost. It is cheaper to operate than others and it makes a bold statement about you our your company when it delivers you to your destination ramp.

Gulfstream G150 — the Numbers


Maximum Range *

(Mach 0.75, 4 passengers, 2 crew and NBAA IFR reserves)

3,000 nm
High-Speed Mach 0.80
Long-Range Mach 0.75

(Maximum Operating Mach Number)

Mach 0.85
Takeoff Distance


5,000 ft
Landing Distance


2,880 ft
Initial Cruise Altitude 41,000 ft
Maximum Cruise Altitude 45,000 ft



Maximum Takeoff 26,100 lb
Maximum Landing 21,700 lb
Maximum Zero Fuel 17,500 lb
Basic Operating


15,100 lb
Maximum Payload ** 2,400 lb
Payload with Maximum Fuel ** 850 lb
Maximum Fuel 10,300 lb




Length 56 ft 9 in
Overall Span 55 ft 7 in
Height 19 ft 1 in




Total Interior Length 17 ft 8 in
Cabin Length


17 ft 8 in
Cabin Height 5 ft 9 in
Cabin Width 5 ft 9 in
Cabin Volume 465 cu ft
Baggage Compartment


55 cu ft



Avionics Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21
Engines Two Honeywell TFE731-40AR
Rated Takeoff Thrust


4,420 lb

(Typical Outfitting)

Up to 8



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