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Mama’s got a brand new . . . jet. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton officially launched her private campaign jet on Labor Day, and it even has room for reporters to tag along.

Now dubbed “Hill Force Once,” Clinton’s new (to her) campaign plane is a 14-year-old Boeing 737-800 that — according to CNN’s Dan Merica — used to fly for Air Berlin, Oren Air and Corendon Dutch Airlines.

An aide told members of the media that took the jet’s maiden voyage with Clinton that it was made by Boeing here in the U.S. in Renton, Washington, but that modifications were made in both Roswell, New Mexico, and Amarillo, Texas.

According to Planetspotters.net, Clinton is leasing the jet from Florida-based AerSale Inc. Its snazzy new presidential paint job includes baby blue trim and features Clinton’s signature campaign slogan, “Stronger Together,” on the side.

In addition to thoughtful details like cocktail napkins with Clinton’s campaign logo (which is also emblazoned on the jet’s tail), the impressive aircraft contains four cabins: one for Clinton, one for staff, one for the Secret Service and one for the press — the latter of which came to fruition after reporters repeatedly nagged the prospective POTUS about holding press conferences during her campaign.

Her response, via an aide, was playful and direct: “I hope this will shut you the hell up.” Hey, you’ve gotta give her points for style, not to mention making arrangements for members of the media to make the first flight over Labor Day weekend).

At this point, you may be wondering, “How does Donald Trump’s campaign plane compare to Clinton’s new wings?”

Let’s start with the obvious differences first. While Clinton is leasing her campaign plane, Trump has owned his own airliner since 2011. To be clear, Trump actually owns four aircraft: a Boeing 757-200, three Sikorsky helicopters, and a sleek Cessna jet.

It is widely assumed Trump’s official campaign plane out of this fleet is the larger Boeing 757-200, which has been in flight since 1991 and is a regular on the campaign trail. Like Clinton’s new jet, her opponent’s campaign plane has also been given a media moniker — “Trump Force One.” (Although it merits mentioning that the alternative “Hair Force One” has also emerged.)

As one might expect from the billionaire, Trump spared no expense to, well, Trump-ify the aircraft when he purchased it from Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen.

Ranked the 8th most expensive plane in the world, Trump’s private jet is emblazoned with his surname in huge letters on the exterior. The spacious interior includes a bedroom, shower, dining room, private guest room, a galley, and multiple entertainment systems.

The plane’s fixtures are plated in 24-karat gold, right down to the seatbelts. The plane’s seats are leather, with the Trump family crest embroidered in each headrest. In the communal main lounge, guests can gather to watch one of the more than 1,000 movies available for viewing on the 57-inch TV screen. And, for the ultimate ease, everything is controlled by touch screen.

For context, a typical Boeing 757 can carry 239 passengers. Trump’s is configured for only 43. That’s a lot of room for bling.

The jet has a state-of-the-art glass cockpit and is powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan engines, which have earned a bit of a reputation as the gold standard for their impressive power. Of course, this doesn’t make it the most fuel-efficient choice, but the Republican presidential candidate can apparently afford to shell out the $10,800 a one-hour flight on this flashy aircraft reportedly costs.

Luxurious add-on amenities notwithstanding, this model of Boeing is pretty par for the course among Presidential candidates. George W. Bush and Barack Obama both flew 757s during their presidential campaigns — to victory, one might add. The 757 was also the choice of Al Gore and John Kerry during their White House bids.

Clinton’s 737 is considerably smaller than Trump’s campaign plane, but isn’t a newcomer to the campaign trail either. Republican nominee John McCain opted for the same model when he was vying for the title of POTUS.

For the record, Hillary’s husband Bill flew a 727 during his victorious campaign which is, coincidentally, the same model Boeing that Trump traded in for his bigger digs aboard the 757.

If you’re curious about how the other half lives — and by other half here, I mean the vice presidential candidates — Trump’s running mate Mike Pence charters an Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 with two-toned blue pinstripes down the side and the, ahem, revised Trump Pence campaign logo. The pair’s “Make America Great Again” slogan is also featured prominently.

Although little is known about the campaign plane flown by Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, a cursory glance at footage of the aircraft reveals it is considerably smaller and less adorned than the other aircraft on the campaign trail.

So there you have it. May the best plane, er, candidate win!

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