Empty Legs From Jet Charters http://www.jetcharters.com/empty-legs/feed/ When Jet Charters books a client on a one-way flight, many times the aircraft needs to return to its home base. In circumstances such as this, the plane will be flying empty. This type of flight is known as an empty leg or Dead head. Because of the inefficiency of this type of repositioning flight, these "empty legs" can be sold at deep discounts over typical air charter prices. en-us Copyright 2017 Elite Jet Charter, LLC 2017-09-26 05:11:41 http://jetcharters.com/images/EliteJets_logo_with_jet.gif Empty Legs From Jet Charters http://www.jetcharters.com/rss EliteJets http://www.jetcharters.com/rss Jet Charters info@jetcharters.com (Jet Charters) webmaster@jetcharters.com (Jet Charters Development) 5